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                                                         Friesian Stallion

****Friesian Star stallion, Otto Fan Kenettas, is looking forward to Spring.****

He would like to meet some special ladies. If you have been considering breeding your mare to this amazing boy, you won’t be disappointed. Temperament and conformation are proven in his award winning foals. Check out the Saddle Up magazine, April issue, to find out how you can save $250.00 off of 2018 breeding fee.

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Possibly you’re thinking of purchasing one of his foals in utero? Contact me for details                             




 "Otto" fan Kenettas is a wonderful addition to our breeding program.










Otto has a gentle nature and enjoys both driving and riding. He shows a true interest and willingness to work.


He is registered with the Dutch registry FPS and is judged as a star stallion.



  At this 2008 kuering, he  was awarded STAR status and  "Best Stallion of the day" 

Otto is also registered with the Canadian Friesian Horse Association


Currently standing at 16.1 hands, this 2004 modern styled friesian has the traditional movement, refined face,

soft eye and  lots of mane and tail.





Otto's foals

 Purebred Friesian "Gack"     3/4 Friesian "Grafian"    Purebred Friesian "Zena"

 7/8 Friesian "Lia"    7/8   Friesian  "Losa"   1/2 Tennesee Walking Horse

 7/8 Friesian "Sieas"



  Neus                      Vescens      



                                          Aniso  Fell/friesian


      Finimari    Emiana