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We have a variety of  award winning mares,  purebred Friesians, sporthorse Friesians and imported Fell Ponies ( A rare breed from Cumbria England).

 We are no longer producing purebred Friesians, due to the loss of our amazing Friesian stallion.

Each year we breed a few quality purebred Fell pony foals,  that are offered for sale, in utero and on the ground. We have  quality mares and UK approved, imported Fell stallion, Murthwaite Talisman.

 All of our young stock are halter broke, trailer load, farrier, stand tied,  registered, vaccinated,  DNA and micro chipped. 

Located in Langley, BC Canada.  15 Minutes to the US border.

See further below, for previous foals produced and sold.

Contact:   Cell/text: 604-817-8596   Email:   lisa.dragonflyacres@gmail.com 
If leaving a message, please speak your return phone number clearly.
 (If you have not back from me within 24 hours of emailing, please call or text).

Offered for sale.

2005 Purebred Friesian Mare
Ster JRB

15.3 HH with good manners.  Easily loads, bathes, farriers (barefoot). Has been shown lower level, ridden by an experienced child.  She has great stamina and is happy in the arena and enjoys the trails with a buddy.  She has had four foals and now retired from breeding.

$10,000 Canadian


Dragonfly AcresVinde 
Blue Roan
2023 Fell sporthorse Filly.
Dam: Moonlit Tiffany
Sire: Vintage Blue  QH, 6 panel negative, Homozygous Blue roan.
Farrier, vaccinations up to date.

$7500.00 Canadian



Congratulations to Steph in Ohio

2009 Purebred mare, Fell Legend Calafia
Cala is 13.3 with good bone, conformtion and character.  She is currently in foal and due April 2024.  She is confident in the arena and on the trails. Loads and bathes easily.  Excellent feet and is kept barefooted.  All vacinations, wormings, teeth, kept up to date.




Congratulations to Susan in Arizona

Dragonfly Acres Tanna Moriquen.
"Morik" is 2022 purebred, black, Fell Pony gelding

Sire: UK imported and approved, Murthwaite Talisman.
Dam: Imported Fell, Lunesdale Shamrock
 DNA, microchipped and registered with the Fell Pony Society in the UK.




Congratulations to Nicole on Salt Spring Island

Dragonfly Acres Tanna Toron
Toron is 2021 purebred Fell Pony gelding. 
Sire: UK imported and approved, Murthwaite Talisman.
Dam: Felllegend Calafai (Broughhill Adrian's Wall).
 DNA, microchipped and registered with the Fell Pony Society in the UK. 



 Congratulations Catherine in Ontario

Dragonfly Acres Tanna Yondo
Yondo is 2021 purebred Fell Pony colt.
Sire: UK imported and approved, Murthwaite Talisman.
Dam: UK imported Lunesdale Shamrock
DNA, microchipped and registered with the Fell Pony Society in the UK. 



Congratulations, Antoniette in Ontario

Dragonfly Acres Pteryx (Teryx)

2021 Friesian Colt
Sire: Otto Fan Kenettas  Dam: Ster JRB (Sissy)
This is our last foal by Otto. 
Sissy was bred a week before he passed and with good luck, she concieved.


Luecor of Dragonfly Acres.

2019  7/8 Friesian sporthorse, gelding.

  Happily settled in, in Bella Coola area.

 Congratulations Cedar.



Congatulations to Ashleigh of Stave Lake.

Tanna Cinna of Dragonfly Acres

                 Purebred Fell Filly
Sire: UK imported and approved, Murthwaite Talisman. Dam: Felllegend Calafai (Broughhill Adrian's Wall).
 FIS clear.  Black with small star.
 Tanna Cinna, is a lovely example of this rare breed. She is sweet natured and curious. 
Loads, leads and farriers easily.  Up to date on vaccinations, wormings and Farrier. 
DNA, microchipped and registered with the Fell Pony Society in the UK. 



Sold to Tasha,  Grande Prairie Alberta

Kytanman of Dragonfly Acres.  "Kytan"

Best of two rare breeds!
Sire: Friesian Ster Stallion, Otto Fan Kenettas  Dam: Imported Fell, Lunesdale Shamrock 
Fell X Friesian 2019 gelding. Microchipped, DNA'd, vaccinated, farrier, wormings to date. Halter broke.
 Bathes, loads, stands for farrier.


SOLD (but I bought him back :))

Enagrio (Rio) of Dragonfly Acres.

 15hh. Born April 2017 (3yrs)

Rio is a stunning Friesian sport horse (50% Friesian/50% Fell pony).

He is registered and microchipped with the Canadian Friesian Horse Association.

Sired by star Friesian stallion Otto fan Kenettas and out of Fell Pony mare Lunesdale Shamrock.





Sold to Michelle in Yelm, Washington

2017 Filly, Purebred Friesian. Emiana of Dragonfly Acres

Vaccinated, wormed, DNA'd and microchipped.  
Very good loading, with farrier and standing tied.  Confident and loves people.




Sold to Susan, of Langley BC

2017 Warlander filly, Elsitillo (Tillo )of Dragonfly Acres 

Tillo is lovely in conformation and character.  She is very willing, calm and curious. 
Loads, leads, stands tied, farriers, loves arena entertainment. 
Vaccinated, wormed, DNA'd and microchipped.  Loves to jump and does it well!!




Elsitillo's Dam:  Award winning US Imported purebred mare, Ster J.R.B.(Sissy).                                      Elsitillo's sire: PRE Andalusion, Tailwinds Gatillo

Sissy`s two previous purebred friesian foals (colts)  have been exported to the US and will remain stallions.





Sold to Victoria, and off to Saskatchewan

2017 Filly "Finamari" 7/8 Friesian 1/8 Thoroughbred  






Finamari's Dam: Award winning, 3/4 Friesian 1/4 TB,  DOB 2004, Ivae                Sire:  Otto Fan Kenettas




 Enagrio (Rio) of Dragonfly Acres. 
Lunesdale Shamrock.  Fell Pony mare from Cumbria England, was bred to Otto and foaled in April 2017. 


                                                                                             RIO 2021                      


Sold and has been sent to Switzerland. Marion made her dream come true.

7/8 Friesian colt, Fande of Dragonfly Acres.



Vivida and Otto 2017 colt.  Fande of Dragonfly Acres.

Fande's dam Argia Vivida



SOLD          Chandra is very excited to have a new dressage  prospect.

 2016 Friesian SportHorse Filly:  Anisa

 Sold in utero. Congratualtions to Lauren.  Aniso, made her dream come true.

|Purebred Friesian colt.


Sold                Congratulations to Wayne and Julie of Peachland. Yenalla has found her match



Congradulations Jesus of  Washington. Zonicus will be neighbour  with his brother Vescens.  




Congradulations to Cheryl  of Grande Prairie Alberta. Super great home for this perfect gentleman.



2001 Friesian Thoroughbred

  16.1+ HH

Excellent ground manners, Solid second level. Working on his lead changes. Super trail savvy.  Up to date on everything.








Congradulations to  
  of Wapato Washington.  




7/8 Friesian sisters  2012"Neus" and  2013"Sieas" Sold: Congratulations to Mary of Washington USA



Sieas of Dragonfly Acres. 2013 filly.

Dam: Ivae                    Sire: Otto


Odonata NEUS (Dragonfly Snows)

2012 Filly with Star potential.  Junior Champion dressage type at the BCSporthorse Fall Classic   and  Reserve Champion Hunter type.

7/8 Friesian 1/8 TB. This refined filly has stunning movement and incredible temperament.

Dam: Ivae Sire: Otto


     After being in thier new home for one week, Mary has sent  an email telling of  how they are settling in at there new home, which I must add is perfect.  This is Mary's final comment:

"I have been truly blessed with these two beautiful girls. I'm so grateful to you. Do did a Great Job with their imprinting from birth. It shows in their attitudes. I will defiantly recommend your horses to my friends.


Mary "


7/8 Friesian Filly "Losa" 2011   Sold:Congrats to Veronika in Surrey BC


 Losa took second place of the fillies, (her sister took first) in dressage and hunter type at the 2011 BC Sporthorse show. She is lovely and refined with smooth ground covering movement.  Lots of stamina, as she loves to run and show off her speed.  Very brave and willing. Loves attention and water.

Great manners, vetted, farriered to date.  Trailers, halter broke, bathes, clips etc.

Great home a must

Dam: Ivae  Sire: Otto



Ehalen 2009 Purebred Friesian Gelding  Sold-I am not sure who is happier, Me that Ehalen is going to a great place, or Kimberly O. who has found her dream horse. Congrats Kim, I look forward to hearing stories of your relationship.

     Ehalen is a purebred friesian gelding that turned 2 May 2011.  He is  16.HH and very handsome.

Ehalen trailers, bathes, farriers, vacuums and is microchipped, DNA'd vaccinated and dewormed to date.

Playful, curious and willing, Ehalen will make a super equine partner, whatever your adventure.





7/8 Friesian Filly "Lia" 2011


 Lia took 1st place in dressage and hunter type at the 2011 BC Sporthorse Show

Great manners, vetted, farriered to date.  Trailers, halter broke, bathes, clips etc.

Dam: Vivida       Sire: Otto

Great home a must.


Grafian   3/4 Friesian  2010 Gelding   SOLD Congratulations to Jacqueline in the Shushwap.

1ST place/reserve champion BC Sport Horse Dressage Type                                                Dam: Danae                            Sire: Otto


                                                                                                                 Grafian with his new pal                              At his new home 2013

 Brothers SOLD Congratulations to Carol and Duane of Lone Butte

Deri  3/4 Friesian 2009 Gelding                                                   Evis 3/4 Friesian 2009 Gelding

 Dam: Ivae              Sire: Tochlor                                                                         Dam: Danae                  Sire: Tochlor



 October 2010 update from Carol and Duane. (They took Evis home in 2010)

He is without a doubt the most amazing animal we have ever had, always entertaining you and he always comes running for his loves.
We have been giving lots of thought to our foal for next year...we definatley want one of yours...filly or not, Lisa you give your foals such a good start in life, their confidence is so strong that their personalities just shine, We are very proud to say we own a "Dragonfly Acres" Horse....Thank you again.............

Update: April 2011 two fillies arrived and the following weekend Carol and Duane came to "take their pick".  As much as they adored the new girls,
They realized that a young female was not the right companion for Evis (now 2 and named Drake), Duane and Carol decided Deri was the right choice and took him home. They are still hoping that in the future they are able to return again and purchase a filly that has grown.


Thank you, Carol and Duane, for providing my boys with a wonderful home.  Lisa

 Also SOLD:

  Cordy    Odon     Ebony